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You won’t find me writing about basketball all that much because I am just not a big fan of the sport, but as a fan of all Detroit sports I do follow the Pistons and have some thoughts about the recent change of ownership.

Originally, I was hoping that Mike Illitch would be the new owner of the Pistons, just because he has a passion for Detroit and he always backs up his team with the money and support they need.  He finds the right people to get things done (Ken Holland, Dave Dombroski) and within years has another competitive team vying for championships each year.  Obviously, we’ll find out more on Tom Gores as the days and years go by.  We’ll find out how he manages the team (active or passive), how willing he is to spend his money, and how much of a fan he will be.  What we already know is that Tom Gores has a boat load of money to his name due to his venture capital firm which is based in California.  We also know that he is a pretty good looking guy, though his hair is a bit too puffy for my taste.  We also know that there is only one known photo of Tom Gores which looks like it was taken for some aspiring actor photo portfolio or something.


We also know that it is about time we got a new owner for the team which was in complete disarray this season.  Joe Dumar’s hands have been tied from making the moves he needed to make, and the moves he did make just didn’t work out.  The coach didn’t have the respect of the players, and we seemingly had a Lord of the Flies scenario on the team.  With the certainty of the ownership in place we should be ready to see some positive signs around the corner and a rebuilding effort underway.

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